Participatory surveillance and citizen science for digital epidemiology.



I am a Research Leader at ISI Foundation, in the Computational Epidemiology and Public Health group. 

My research revolves around the field of infectious diseases epidemiology with a special focus on digital epidemiology, participatory surveillance and mathematical modeling. This field is a high interdisciplinary domain which combines complex system science, computational sciences, complex networks theory, mathematical epidemiology, ICT technologies.

In particular I am interested in complex techno-social systems and in studying new data-collection schemes aimed at detecting disease-related information directly from the general population, both with passive and active approaches.







I am the coordinator of Influenzanet (, a Europe-wide network of web-based platforms aimed at monitoring the activity of influenza-like-illness (ILI) with the aid of volunteers via the internet. It is now operational in eleven countries and it has been built mainly thanks to the activity carried out during the European Commission funded Epiwork project (7th Framework Program) coordinated by ISI Foundation. In contrast with the traditional system of sentinel networks of mainly primary care physicians, Influenzanet obtains its data directly from the population, mostly by those individuals who don't visit a doctor when affected by ILI symptoms. This creates a fast and flexible monitoring system whose uniformity allows for direct comparison of ILI rates between countries.






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